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"A brief review of Fatima in Brief" by Laura B. Nelson (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Laura B. Nelson. All rights reserved.[/caption] When given the opportunity to review Fatima in Brief: A Treatment for All Ages, I jumped at the chance. The story of Our Lady’s appearances in Fatima, Portugal, changed my life when I first read about it during my college years when I was searching for my faith. It was this story that showed me the importance of intercessory prayer, the power of the Rosary, and that the Truth resides in the Catholic Church. It was this story that brought me back to my faith and to the Church. Ever since that moment, I’ve looked for something that I could give others to share the story and, hopefully, my conversion experience. For decades, I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. As I searched, I turned into Goldilocks declaring some “too hard” and others “too simple.” Thanks to Fr. T.G. Morrow, my search is now over. Fr. Morrow has succeeded in writing a short book that both gives lots of details about the appearances of Our Lady at Fatima and is, at the same time, direct and simple. Fatima in Brief is for all types of readers, including those who don’t have a long attention span (like me), don’t have a background in theology, or are too young to have either of those things. It seems that Fr. Morrow’s intention was to make the story of Fatima accessible “for all ages” as it says in the subtitle. Overall, I say that he succeeded in achieving that goal. The simple, direct writing style along with a few footnotes that help to explain difficult words seem to be focused toward children but can be helpful to all readers. The only suggestion I would make would be the addition of images, a map and timeline, and a glossary to reach even younger readers and to hold their attention. While this book could easily be read in a long afternoon, I recommend reading a little at a time and meditating on the experiences of the children and the messages of Our Lady, not only for them but for the world. I hope you buy this book. I hope you read it. And I hope that it changes your life for the better.

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Copyright 2018 Laura B Nelson