Book-Notes-720-x-340-dark-gold-outline-and-medium-blue-pen-_-Notes-light-blue-702x336 I am unabashedly enamored of Our Lady of Fatima. My kids and I have listened to the Holy Heroes Glory Story of the children of Fatima more times than I can count. When they grumble about saying a decade of the Rosary on our way to school, I often remind them that it’s not me who’s asking them to say it — it’s Our Lady! No more whining after that! I love that her story is one that puts children front and center and teaches them about the goodness of a mother’s love. The message is one of peace. Our Lady insists that our prayers matter, that each Rosary we say makes a difference for the world. That the apparitions are such recent history inspires and encourages me, and I can’t help but share my enthusiasm for Our Lady with my kiddos. Whether you love Our Lady like I do or you’re just being introduced to her right now, you will enjoy Our Lady of Fatima: The Graphic Novel. If you or your kids don’t usually read graphic novels, fear not: there is nothing irreverent about this book. The message is clear, and it is expressed through a true narrative that kids and adults alike will find immediately engaging. The illustrations are beautiful and the story moves so well. It’s not terribly long, but there is an ending you might not expect. I wouldn’t be surprised if when you turned the last page, you flipped the book right back over to read it through again. It’s been over 100 years since Our Lady appeared to the three children at Fatima, but her message is as relevant as ever. What a delight to see it translated into a format that will interest young readers — Catholics and non-Catholics alike — and inspire them to respond to her call. What about Our Lady of Fatima inspires you? Have you read this book? What did you think?

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