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On a recent episode of the Son Rise Morning Show, we discussed a new feature for Apple users and the Facebook hoax that's been going around this past week.

Welcome back! You were last with us on the air in August (how time flies!) What have you been up to since then?

  • I was blessed to embark on a two week speaking trip in Australia. What a privilege to see the work of the Church “down under”!
  • I’ve been working on a few special book projects that I hope to share with you soon.

One tech development in the last month may have slipped by unnoticed by most Apple users. What can you tell us about Screen Time?

  • Screen Time is a feature of iOS 12 that provides real-time reports about how much time we are spending on your iPhone and iPad devices. Along with seeing how much time we are using the various apps, we can also set time limits for apps, enforce a period of “downtime” (offline time), block content and set privacy restrictions.

Is this a tool that families can use too?

  • Absolutely! When configuring Screen Time on a device, parents can set a passcode and special configure the details for each child.
  • You can prevent iTunes app store purchases, prevent explicit content and content ratings, restrict Siri searches and gaming content, and prevent web content.
  • Learn more about configuring Screen Time on your child’s phone.

How have you personally been using this tool in your life?

  •  I have set app limits for myself and am working on reducing my “pickups” (the number of times I look at my phone each day) and my usage time. Because the report tells me exactly when I pick up my phone most, it’s easier to be cognizant of over usage during those times.

How can we, as people of faith, consider using screen time as a way to focus on our prayer lives?

  • I have been trying to match my screen time with prayer time and have placed a few prayer apps adjacent to my social apps on my phone so that I fill those "impulsive" times when I grab for my phone with prayer instead of scrolling.

Finally, what can you tell us about the Facebook Messenger hoax that is driving us all crazy this week?

  • This is a viral hoax - see for details.
  • If you are concerned that your account has been cloned, change your password immediately. Then search for your name and report anyone falsely using your identity by using Facebook’s “report this profile” link to have the unauthorized account deactivated.   Read more of our Tech Talk columns.
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