Gary Zimak, author and well-known speaker is a down-to-earth, devoted husband and father. He doesn’t sugar-coat his struggles or his strong Catholic faith; his newest book, Give up Worry for Lent, is evidence of both. Readability This book is broken down into four sections per day (read, reflect, respond, and pray) and is designed to be utilized during Lent. However, it could easily be used any time of year. I reviewed this book at a time I really needed it. My husband had been admitted to the hospital with a serious infection. It was nothing less than God’s grace that I was able to be fortified by Gary’s words during this difficult time. Even though it was a stressful time, I was able to concentrate on each section due to the clear layout and engaging writing.
Every minute spent thinking about the Lord (or better yet, conversing with him) is one less minute thinking about your problems.
Gary has a way of pointing to active solutions for anxiety/worry in a simple, concrete and encouraging way. I often find myself reading his work and wondering why I had never noticed (before) a particular or obvious truth that he has brought to light. He has a gift of uncovering nuggets of wisdom that come from his own personal journey to overcome anxiety. His work can help someone with a serious anxiety disorder but is also helpful for anyone who is trying to stay positive. My Favorite Part He also calls us to confront our usual ineffective (possibly sinful) ways of coping with stress.
Do you turn to God in prayer or do you eat, shop, or worry? While it’s not something most of us consider, seeking comfort in earthly pleasures instead of God is essentially idol worship.
Recommendation I highly recommend Give up Worry for Lent and have decided to purchase three copies as gifts for Lent. It is a valuable tool in deepening faith and learning to truly rely on God in difficult times. Full disclosure: I’m not even going to try to pretend I’m unbiased. I have been a Gary Zimak fan for years, in fact, I even asked him to write the forward to my book, The Joy-Filled Broken Heart. However, I got to know him because of his wonderful writing; it drew me in and made me want to know more about Gary and his journey. I am grateful that he and his wife have also become my friends. The Zimaks and Rosiens at CWG/CMN Conference 2018
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