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"Advice to my grown children" by Kelly Guest (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (2017), CC0/PD[/caption] My dear child: While you still are, and always will be, my child, you are no longer a child. Faster than I thought possible, you have become an adult. I worry sometimes about whether or not I have taught you all that you need to know to be successful in life. I trust that the Holy Spirit will fill you in on what I failed to teach or show you. Before you go, though, there is some advice I wish you to know and never forget.
  1. Always dress nice for church; after all, you are entering the palace of the King of kings. And while you are there, listen when it is time to be quiet and speak up when it is time to respond.
  2. Make time for pray every day. If you try to “find time,” it will always be elusive.
  3. Never feel you are too grown to come to us for guidance. Truly, we have trodden the path you are taking before you. Much of the advice we will give you was given to us by our parents – it is generational wisdom.
  4. Always be honest: with yourself and with those around you. Speak with charity, but always speak truth.
  5. Shine! It is a dark, confused world we live in; it needs the Light of Christ. You have been given that Light! So shine! Do not let those in the world confuse you, bully you, shut you up, or tear you down. In peace and love, share the Truth.
Finally, my dear child, know this: I do not hope that you become rich – modest financial means teach us temperance. I will not pray for an easy life for you – struggles teach us fortitude and perseverance. I do hope when you have a big decision to make, you first fall on your knees and pray – gaining wisdom and prudence. Above all, I pray whatever blessings you receive and all the love you have, you share – spreading justice. Become a saint! The world needs you. God wants you. And I love you.
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