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"Easy like Sunday morning" by Lara Patangan (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2019 Lara Patangan. All rights reserved.[/caption] I know songs have been written about the ease of Sunday morning, but I wish someone would write one about the angst of a Sunday evening. That’s the twitchiest night of the week for me as I transition from the charms of the weekend to the schisms of the work week. I feel like the amiable comic book character, Pig Pen, created by Charles M. Shultz, traveling in my own dust storm with all the to-do’s swirling around me making a filthy mess of what was once a peaceful mind.  The more I do, the more I realize how far behind I really am, and the dirt cakes on, further muddying my panic. I sort through emails. I make piles. I do laundry. I boss children -- an echo of repetition. I try to remember what I needed to talk to my husband about. (I usually can’t.) I make lists. I pick up abandoned glasses and clip close half-eaten bags of chips laying carelessly on the counter. In all my busying, I only seem to find more to do. Each task leads to another – a maze in the making. I scatter about in the dusty swirl of tedium past bedtime – past reason. My son asks me to review his cover letter for an internship he is applying for, and I stop. In that instant, where I was given one more thing to do, when I was already so done, I would have envisioned being buried under the muck of a mud slide. Instead, I felt the clarity of grace. I felt its calm and its cleanse, as I realized  I belong in the middle of the mess. It’s there that my independent, almost adult child asked for my input. It’s there that the mess suddenly stopped choking me and I breathed into the precious moment of mothering. Our to-do’s will never be done and life will always be messy no matter how much tidying we do. Serving others in the midst of it is the grace that makes life meaningful. It gives order to chaos. It realigns priorities and it reinvigorates efforts.
Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)
I went to bed later than I would have liked. I didn’t start my week with a clean slate. The page on Monday’s calendar was far from empty, but my heart was full. I found meaning in the mess and it changed my entire perception of that evening’s busying. I though again of Pig Pen, who always carried himself with dignity despite the dirt that squiggled around him. He even referred to it pridefully as “the dust of ancient civilizations.” So it is with our service to one another, a cloud of commotion that through the grace of God and the love of neighbor lets light shine through – the dawn of a new day. Easy like Sunday morning.
Copyright 2019 Lara Patangan