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I can still vividly remember him walking into the house holding his shiny, brand-new red guitar. A cautious smile decorated his sweet face, as if to try and curb the excitement he saw plastered across mine, in case this new interest of his proved to be too challenging an endeavor. At the fragile age of ten, he couldn’t have understood the amount of perseverance it would take to master the fine art of strumming. The dream in his head was an innocent combination of Murray, the red-shirted fourth of the famous Wiggle quartet who played guitar, and the theme song to the Cars movie, his favorite at the time. Fast-forward a few years to me standing in front of this vulnerable kid who had been struggling to refine his desired craft. As is the case with many an abandoned instrument, lessons had lost their novelty and practicing was more of a chore than a joy. I was uncertain of his commitment and had asked if he wanted to continue with lessons or if it was time to raise the white flag. This guy has never been one to give up on anything, and when his eyes filled with tears, I knew this challenge would be no different. “I just want some people to play with,'' was his response. Learning the guitar takes an enormous amount of patience and practice. This young guy just wanted to reach the end goal, to be on stage, a part of a band. It’s perfectly understandable, yet much to my mama’s heart's dismay, I couldn’t make anything happen for him. He had to own it and put in the hard work. It was one of those moments when I wished for that magic wand that could grant my children’s deepest desires. Instead, I turned to the next best thing and prayed God would place him among other artists that loved music as he did. As is often the case, God did me one better. He placed him among artists that love music and people that love God. The name of the band is “Here on Earth Worship” and it is an answer to prayer. The talent among these five musicians is phenomenal and the heart they each have for using their gifts to praise much more than this world could ever offer is inspiring. The most incredible thing about this group is that they have a way of pulling people in: people of all ages, all life stages, and on any part of their journey. Their music is real, personal, profound, and stirring. I have yet to attend one of their performances and not be filled with unmistakable joy. To see my son take control of those strings and light up with every stroke is a gift like no other. The joy that takes over when he places that guitar strap over his head is simply awesome. He comes alive in a way that I now know only music could bring out of him. Here on Earth Worship recently released their first original song, written by the lead singer -- an undeniable talent who turns every word and note into the most powerful prayer. The name of the song is “Jesus I Trust In You.” It was written at a time of discernment in the life of the author and is a song that everyone can find meaning in, anyone can relate to and, in one way or another, identify with. My favorite line in the song is part of the chorus that reads, “Jesus I trust in you, help me to trust in you.” It so beautifully speaks to the inadequacy of our hearts to line up with our minds and the need to seek help in our desire to trust. So often I’m faced with the challenge of allowing my heart to rest in the peace my mind knows is available to me. I know I can trust in God, but often my heart doesn’t allow it, as my mind is well aware that trusting doesn’t mean all will go according to my plan. I love that the prayer within the song recognizes this and turns our gaze to God to help us find peace-and even joy- in the will of the One who truly knows best. “Your love is greater than all my fears.” I love that this line repeats several times in the song. It’s as if the author knew it would take several repetitions before the listener could truly absorb the truth in the statement. God’s love truly is bigger than all of our fears. It’s a beautiful truth and a gift for each one of us to unwrap. https://youtu.be/QYGv88nW5mU Enjoy the song and pass it along. It has the power to make your heart swell, your eyes sweat, and your faith mean more to you than ever before.
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