Book-Notes-720-x-340-dark-gold-outline-and-medium-blue-pen-_-Notes-light-blue-702x336 Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska is one of the most popular saints of modern times. During her canonization mass in April of 2000, Pope John Paul II described her as a “gift from God for our times” and as one of the Church’s great mystics. Her work on earth was to spread God’s merciful love across the world, yet her influence did not end with her death. Before she passed into eternal life, St. Faustina wrote in her Diary, “I feel certain that my mission will not come to an end upon my death, but will begin. O doubting souls, I will draw aside for you the veils of heaven to convince you of God’s goodness, so that you will no longer continue to wound with your distrust the sweetest Heart of Jesus.” (Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul, 281) Since her death in 1938, thousands of miracles have been attributed to her intercession and millions of people have been impacted by her writings. I, too, was greatly affected by her life and message. At first glance, this humble Polish saint, born into a poor family in the early 1900s, didn’t seem to have much in common with my life as a modern woman living in America, yet as I began to read the writings of this great saint, my life started to change. Saint Faustina’s life and her spirituality has had a profound effect on my own journey, and I have felt her gentle hands encouraging me to spread the honor of the devotion to Divine Mercy as she continues her mission in eternity. I am not the only one who this great saint has influenced. Saint Faustina has impacted millions with her writings. I’ve been blessed to have friendships with many of the saints in heaven, but St. Faustina has become an extra special confidante and guide me. She is one of those saints that came into my life and “tapped me on the shoulder,” if you will, to push me to greater holiness and to be a part of her great mission to spread the message of God’s great mercy across the world. Her most recent “tap” is a new project I worked with my friend and fellow contributor, Emily Jaminet and it is near and dear to our hearts! This October we are so pleased to release a new book and women’s study titled Our Friend Faustina, Life Lessons in Divine Mercy, a compilation piece with 9 other friends and we can’t wait to share it with you! Our advance readers have said “this is your best work yet!” In addition to Emily's and my contributions, you’ll hear stores from contributor Allison Gingras as well as our friends Elizabeth Ficocelli, Brooke Taylor, Kaitlyn Mason, Lori Ubowski, Chiara Finaldi, Lis Luwia, Derya Little, and Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV. Our Friend Faustina (Marian Press) In this joy-filled anthology, we present modern women’s testimonies to the powerful witness and intercession of St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) in their busy lives. This book is a unique and extraordinary collection of essays by true friends of ours, all joined together by our common friendship with one extraordinary person: St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), the Secretary and Apostle of the Divine Mercy. Sharing tales of ordinary and extraordinary graces with wit and laughter, these faith-filled women explain how St. Faustina has loved them, mentored them, and inspired them to live with mercy toward all. With a foreword by acclaimed author Susan Tassone, this collection will help introduce you to a friend for life (and afterlife!) in extraordinary, ordinary St. Faustina. As with all of our books, a study guide is included in the back and FREE videos are available on our website Perfect for group study (Videos coming soon!) or an inspirational read on a cool fall night. Read what others are saying about Our Friend Faustina! Order your book here.

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