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"God's presence in his absence" by Stephanie Stovall (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pexels.com (2016), CC0/PD[/caption] When every wall seems to be crumbling around you, when every brick you believed would stand strong and protect you is falling to the ground, where is God? You stand, slumped and defeated, staring out into the rubble. Nothing has gone as it should. The world you took so much comfort in seems to be withering away so quickly. And where is God? When John the Baptist was arrested, Jesus left town. When the storm was raging in the sea and His beloved apostles were terrified out of their minds, Jesus slept. When Lazarus, His dear friend died, Jesus wept. When your world seems to be in complete disarray, zoom out. Zoom out from the picture of you in your living room, the news on and laundry all around and screaming kids. Look at the scene of your city, your neighbors and friends struggling with their own battles you don’t even know about. Zoom out again and see your home state. The people who have touched your life without you even knowing. Then, your country. Individual hurts and individual joys. Their own hopes, their own dreams, their own struggles to fight through. Finally, zoom out and see earth. All of those lives being lived, all of those families fighting so hard to find joy, raise their kids right and adjusting to the unexpected. You are not alone. Through history the world has seemed to be crumbling down time and time again. And God waited. He waited for His perfect time to begin His mission on earth. He waited for the perfect time to calm the raging waters for His trusted ones. He waited for the perfect time to raise His friend from the dead. His absence does not affect His presence. Maybe, in this moment in time, He is waiting on your “yes!” Or maybe He’s waiting on your deepening trust. Right now He is waiting on the fullness of time to act. But while He waits, He is not absent. He is fully present. Open the door and let Him into this moment. Welcome Him further into your home than you ever have before. Talk to Him about your worries, your stress and your hurt. Let Him sit with you- and while you wait, wait with Him and trust that He is making all things new. Today, give it all to Him. Find your peace in the silence, trusting that He is holding that zoomed out earth in the palm of His hand.
Copyright 2019 Stephanie Stovall