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"20 reasons to pray" by Fr. Willy Raymond, C.S.C. (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Holy Cross Family Ministries. All rights reserved.[/caption] Recently I came across a news story about research indicating that people who pray live longer: up to two and three years longer. That stimulated my musing about reasons to pray. Here goes; 20 reasons to pray:
  1. You live longer!
  2. You are physically healthier!
  3. You are happier and more joyful!
  4. You are more connected to family and friends!
  5. You have purpose in life!
  6. You are more connected to God!
  7. You become friends with Mary, the angels and saints!
  8. You are filled to overflowing with grace!
  9. You are centered on what is important in life!
  10. You become a more grateful person!
  11. Your family’s radiance attracts others to consider prayer and sharing your faith!
  12. Your children are formed in the faith!
  13. You and your children grow in the great virtues of faith, hope, love, prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance!
  14. Your home is filled with a sense of calm and tranquility!
  15. You and your family become humble and grateful!
  16. You are filled with awe at what God has already done for you!
  17. You experience a deep sense of peace at the active, daily presence of God in your life!
  18. People tell you how much they experience joy in you!
  19. You find it life-giving and natural to point out the good in others!
  20. You live each day with quiet confidence and trust that all shall be well!
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