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"We can work together through Lent" by Julie Larsen (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pexels.com (2019), CC0/PD[/caption] I always seem to dread Lent maybe even more so this year. I felt like I did not get to celebrate Christmas the way I wanted. We had just moved to a new place and didn’t get a Christmas tree at all. We put up some lights and that was about it. We were grateful for some presents for our family members. So, now it is Lenten season. I would love to treat Lent like Advent this year. There’s more of a special longing for baby Jesus, but why not long for the Resurrected Jesus as well? Maybe, we focus on His death and dying a little too much? Though it is good for our souls to meditate on Jesus’ life and death. I think picking out your favorite passages of the Bible from HIS life is important. So, I am planning to do that. Perhaps, if meditating on His death – focus on my favorite passages like Jesus giving us His mother Mary. What other ways can we find a better way to keep on track this Lent? Last year I did a mini-retreat online. I want to repeat this again. I know a lot of people give up Facebook for Lent, so the mini-retreat I am offering can be done two ways – you can sign up for my Mother’s Newsletter at CatholicDoula.com – there’s a drop down “pop-up” that allows you to join our Mother’s Newsletter. Or you can sign up on the subscription page. The other way is to go to our Mini Mom Retreat Facebook group, as I’ll post retreat there as well. We will buddy up and make each other a bit accountable for our resolutions – if you desire to have a prayer buddy or partner! I also teach a bereavement course for doulas, and this course focuses some on Mary’s Seven Sorrows, along with other elements. The bereavement class will run during our Lenten time frame. The training explores the books Understanding Grief through Touchstones of Grief and Empty Arms, and a book about Our Lady of Sorrows as well. It is a very unique program to help mothers with miscarriage and stillbirth or infant loss. I am hopeful that with a support system for Lent that we can work through Lent together. I feel that is a good way for me to follow through. Perhaps the mini-Lenten retreat is for you! If it is not for you – that is also fine. I just hope that we can have a better “longing” for the Easter tide by working with this mini-Lenten retreat idea.
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