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Waking to find raptor footprints in the yard on her first morning on the farm certainly isn’t the welcome Darryl had in mind for her new step-mom — especially after their disastrous drive from the city. How on earth did the thing get in? And where the heck is it? Meanwhile, young hunter Joshua is about to make a reckless decision he may live to regret — but only if he’s lucky. Truly Raptorous Welcome


Corinna Turner is an expert at creating new, exciting worlds in her fictional books. Whether it be a dystopian future, a fantasy world, or a Jurassic Park-type of environment, her descriptions brilliantly engulf the reader into her books. A Truly Raptor-ous Welcome is one of the stories in her unSPARKed series. The other published segments are Drive! and Breach. A Truly Raptor-ous Welcome is an exciting adventure that follows two parallel storylines. The first revolves around Darryl and her family. Teenager Darryl has a deep faith but is tough as nails when it comes to dealing with dangerous dinosaurs. Her father recently married a city-girl who is having trouble adjusting to living in the wild, dangerous, dinosaur-filled country. The other story line revolves around Joshua, a young man who is alone in the world. He has been trained by his father and uncle to take on dangerous hunting jobs. This exciting story is a fantastic faith-filled tale that leaves the reader yearning for the next installments that will be forthcoming.

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