Catholic Central Catholic Central hosts Kaiser Johnson and Libby Slater. Copyright 2017 Family Theater Productions. Used with permission. All rights reserved.[/caption] Need to Keep Restless Kids Focused and Engaged? Suddenly a lot of parents find themselves working at home – and homeschooling. Faith education doesn’t have to be left behind. Each quick, witty episode of Catholic Central offers theologically approved information and entertainment on Church history, doctrine and more. also offers links and downloadable resources. Laugh and learn with us! "Catholic Central" Copyright 2020 Family Theater Productions/Catholic Central. All rights reserved.[/caption]   ‘Baptism’: Plunging Into the Sacrament With ‘Catholic Central’ If you’re a Catholic, that means you’ve been baptized at some point in your life. If you were a baby, the details of what happened may not have been clear to you. This installment of Catholic Central is here to fill in the gaps. Baptism looks at the first sacrament, which is common to all Christians (Jesus was also baptized). Even outside of Christianity – and often in movies and TV -- entering into, and emerging from, water is a universal symbol of renewed life, a way of being born again “of water and the spirit.”

Diving Deeper

  1. What traditions you have experienced in your life that have given you a sense of belonging?
  2. Water is an essential element for Baptism, the sacrament of new life, and is an essential element for human life. Why do you think Christians use water for Baptism?
  3. When was a time that you experienced a transformation? It could be a big or small change. What was your experience? Baptism represents dying to the old self and rising to new life. In Baptism, Christians believe that we are transformed and made new in Christ. What does it mean to be “made new” or “transformed”?
  4. Being part of a family or any group involves certain privileges and responsibilities. When we are baptized, we join God’s family, take a minute and think about the responsibilities and privileges that come with such a gift.


Interview your Godparents or family that was at your Baptism. Invite them to share any memories they can remember from the ceremony.

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Since the earliest centuries of the life of the Church, especially during times of persecution, the reality of baptism by “desire” began. So, catechumens seeking baptism who died tragically before the actual ritual were nonetheless considered spiritually baptized in the eyes of God. In our current times, when other sacraments of initiation (First Communion, Confirmation), in addition to Baptism, are postponed, how might we consider this a spiritual opportunity instead of loss? Take a moment in a prayer of gratitude, that sacraments pushed to a later date let us reflect on the spiritual value of them before their actual conferral.
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