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Sometimes, it’s hard to get kids to figure out how to make the Bible come alive, understand the nature of Christ, comprehend the strange imagery of the Book of Revelation, realize how the Faith affects their social lives, and follow what’s going on in the Mass (live or livestream). Fortunately, those are all the topics we cover this week on “Catholic Central”! 

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You’ve Heard the Name of Jesus, But Who Is He, Really?

Jesus may be the best-known man to ever walk the Earth, but understanding Him as both man and God is the challenge of a lifetime. 

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There are so many different images of Jesus, but what was He really like? What can we know about Him? And how can Catholics say they have a relationship with someone who lived 2,000 years ago? We tackle this and more in “Catholic Central: Who Is Jesus?”  


Diving Deeper  

  1. Do you have a favorite image of Jesus? What draws you to that particular image?  
  2. Have you ever struggled with connecting with Jesus? What do you think held you back? 
  3. Is it hard for you to think of Jesus as being both fully human and fully divine? Have you heard any analogies or images that make it easier to wrap your mind around that concept?  


Look for paintings or icons that depict Jesus. Which ones intrigue you? Which ones don’t you like?  Why do you think you like or dislike them?  


One way to get to know Jesus is to know him at the two extremes. One who saves through extreme demand and through extreme mercy. Read Matthew 5:18 from the Sermon on the Mount. In one sense, the scribes and Pharisees don’t come close to Jesus’ insistence on adherence to the law. Now read, John 8:1-11 on the Woman Caught in Adultery. In this story, the woman has fallen woefully short of the law. Yet, Jesus offers extreme mercy far beyond what the Pharisees could imagine. Can you envision Jesus as the best of friends? …one who admonishes the sinner, but also the only person who truly offers unconditional mercy. 

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