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Sometimes, it’s hard to get kids to figure out how to make the Bible come alive, understand the nature of Christ, comprehend the strange imagery of the Book of Revelation, realize how the Faith affects their social lives, and follow what’s going on in the Mass (live or livestream). Fortunately, those are all the topics we cover this week on “Catholic Central”! 

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What If the Mass Had Play-By-Play Commentary?

Even if you’ve been to Mass many times in your life, did you really understand all of what was going on? Now that many of us livestreaming our Masses at home, this time maybe a good opportunity to dig into the details.  

The Sunday morning liturgical event everyone has been waiting for! In “Catholic Central: The Mass,” Kai and Libby come to you live from Mass this week to make sure you don’t miss a beat of this historical, mystical, communal celebration. 

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Diving Deeper  

  1. What parts of Mass do you feel most enriched by? Which parts of Mass do you struggle with the most? What’s one part of the Mass you might try to pay closer attention to next time you go? 
  2. What does it mean to you that the liturgy of the Mass as the Catholic Church celebrates it today was developed out of the traditions of the early Church over 2000 years ago? 
  3. Have you ever had an experience at Mass that directly related to or impacted something that was going on in your life?  


Before going to Mass next time – live or livestream – check out the Daily Readings and spend at least 10 minutes reflecting on them in prayer. See what God might be inviting you to pay closer attention to in the readings, which words or phrases or themes stand out to you.  


While the readings and some prayers vary throughout the liturgical year, the parts of the Mass stay the same. Mass serves as the same communal worship day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, century after century and now third millennium after the first two millennium of the Church. How might this repetition best battle the current virus? Although, we require humility about it, how are Catholics best spiritually equipped to deal with quarantine given Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours? 

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