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On Friday, May 15 at 8 PM Eastern, CatholicTV is bringing you a special event: one that has never happened in CatholicTV history!

Tune in for the broadcast of CatholicTV@Home, "a 1-hour special featuring your favorite CatholicTV and Grexly personalities, such as the ladies of The Gist, Tommy and Steve of Repent & Submit, Olivia Colombo, Father Dan O'Connell, and Sonja Corbitt, among many others!"

CatholicMom.com's own Danielle Bean, one of the hosts of The Gist, will participate in this program, which is a fundraiser for the network, which has seen unprecedented growth in viewership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds raised through this program will help defray technology costs associated with the increase in livestream audiences.

If you can't tune in on Friday, the program will be rebroadcast Saturday at 11 AM and 10 PM Eastern.

You can watch CatholicTV live online, on cable TV in some areas, on its free Roku channel, on AppleTV, among other sources. Find out how at CatholicTV.org.

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Please text GIVE to 844-912-1358 or visit CatholicTV.org/Donate.

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