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Leslea Wahl reviews Abba Moses: Notorious Robber, Desert Father by Andrew Votipka, Book 1 in the Mr. Baker's Book series.

Abba Moses: Notorious Robber, Desert Father by Andrew Votipka 


What a delightful book! I didn’t know what to expect but enjoyed every moment. This book is probably written for elementary-aged children, but I could see middle-school students thoroughly enjoying it as well, either on their own or with their families. 

When a new Religious Ed teacher shows up, Theo, Chris, and Laura assume he will be as dull as their previous Sunday School teachers. But Mr. Baker soon proves he is anything but boring. With the help of his magical book, he takes the kids on an adventure back in time to meet Moses. Not that Moses, but the bandit Moses from the 4th Century who terrorized Egyptian communities. How did this brute of a man become a saint? Well, join Mr. Baker’s class to find out. 

This book was so much fun—full of humor, history, and adventure. I’m anxious to read more in this series and join these characters on more Biblical adventures. This fantastic story is a treasure for the whole family! 


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Chris, Theo, and Laura have been forced to attend Sunday school classes for seven years. They get it! Read the Bible, go to church. But now their long-tenured teacher has moved to Florida. Roger Baker is an oddball, but when no one else steps up, the pastor reluctantly lets him teach. Mr. Baker shows up to class with a thick book. This book isn’t just full of adventures, it transports the class into the adventures! Theo, Chris, and Laura suddenly find themselves in the year 350 A.D. in the deserts of Egypt. Join them as they battle highway robbers, visit a remote monastery, and meet the unlikeliest Desert Father, Moses. Bandit, monk, saint. 

Ask for Abba Moses at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com.



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