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Deanna Bartalini shares the way she and her husband keep each other in daily prayer.

There are so many ideals and ideas we can have in regard to praying with our spouse and family members. There is no shortage of prayer possibilities: Liturgy of the Hours, the Rosary, Lectio Divina, the daily Mass readings, novenas for various reasons, favorite saints to call on, Adoration, contemplative prayer, journaling, and you can most likely add to this list.

I am a firm believer in the KISS principal for most things, and that includes praying with your family. This year my husband and I have instituted a morning prayer before we part for the day. We Keep it Simple, Sweetie (KISS). We each pray, out loud, for each other; 2 or 3 brief sentences for the day ahead. For example: Me for my husband, “May God give you the patience you need for your meeting today and to reach all of your students. God keep you safe driving in the rain.” And then he’ll say, “I ask God to give you all the time you need to get your work done today. And know that He is with you.”

These prayers are often very personal, reminding us both that we have listened and heard each other’s needs and concerns about life. The prayer is different every day, but it happens and it helps for many reasons.

I know my husband prays for me as I do for him. But this prayer, said together, offers a tangible reminder. The other day John prayed that I would have patience with a certain situation. When I started to lose my patience that day, I remembered his words and thought, “I’ve got this. I am covered.” It’s not magic; it's reassurance that the person who loves and knows you better than anyone else has prayed for you and spoken truth over you.

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This can also be a way to pray with your children, though I think if spouses can grab two minutes alone to pray with each other before the pray with the family it would be a blessing. This way you can speak more freely; not every need we have ought to be heard by our children.

If you do this with your children, after you model it for a few days, your children could then take turns praying for each other and you.

Say a short prayer every morning with those you love. It makes a difference. #catholicmom

Prayer is a daily need. For us, this is a way to focus with and for each other and God for a moment. It makes a difference, reminding me yet again, that God takes our small offerings and magnifies them.

If you are looking for way to pray with your spouse, I hope you consider this idea. If you are already praying with your spouse, tell us how in the comment section so we learn from you.

My prayer for you: May God give you peace today and help you to see His face in those around you.

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