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Monica Portogallo reviews a new alphabet book designed to teach toddlers about God's endless love.

When it comes to books about God for the smallest children, I think it’s best to keep it simple and concrete. ABC God Loves Me by Rose Rossner (Sourcebooks) does just that—it demonstrates to children that God is made known through the things they have already seen and experienced. Whether through Creation, shared love, or feelings inside them, this book shows little ones that the things they already know point to the reality that God loves us.


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To enhance its content, this book is beautifully illustrated by Anna Kubaszewska with examples of God’s creation (and also a unicorn). The illustrations themselves inspire awe of God’s varied and wonderful Creation. Even my babysitter, not knowing I was going to review this book, made a point of commenting to me how much she liked this book’s illustrations.




I’d recommend ABC God Loves Me to anyone looking for a book to introduce 1- to 4-year-olds to God as a loving Creator. With its glittery cover and important message, it would make a lovely addition to any toddler’s Easter basket.



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