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Lorelei Savaryn reviews a handcrafted all-wooden Advent wreath, safe for 3-year-olds and up.

I was so excited to receive the Advent Wreath for Building and Playing, a new toy from Wicking Vicar, for review. I am always looking for sturdy books and toys for my kids that lean into our Catholic faith. Our kids were delighted to see the box for this toy arrive, and were eager to check it out. Everything came nicely organized and packaged.


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There was a section for the wreath, which fits together like a simple puzzle, four green candle holders, four candles, and four wooden flames. Everything was beautifully crafted and painted, and my daughter immediately started playing around with the pieces and learning how everything fit together.


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It was simple enough for my youngest kids to assemble with a little help, then disassemble, and put together once again! They had a lot of fun with this toy, and I can easily imagine setting it up in a special place in our dining room where we keep our grown-up Advent wreath as well. It’s especially nice in that it takes something that the young kids aren’t typically allowed to touch, and turns it into something both beautiful and hands-on.


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I left it out on the table, and throughout the day even the big kids checked it out too!

I absolutely recommend this wooden Advent Wreath for all families this holiday season. It’s a great way to take such a precious part of our liturgical living and make it hands-on for everyone.


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Specifications: 16 pieces, solid wood. Assembled size finishes 7.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches high. For children 3+ who won’t put small pieces in their mouths.

This Advent wreath is available from WickingVicar.com.

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