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Anna Maria De Guid reflects on the ways Jesus knows our hearts and answers our prayers - in His time.

I have prayed to Jesus, seeking innumerable favors. Many were granted in the way I would like them answered. Some were bestowed in ways that were beyond my imagination. 

I have also asked Jesus questions, some of them deep ones. Not urgent, not seeking an answer right away. They're the ones that tug my heart once in a while. Since He knows our hearts, He answers me in His time.


My dear Jesus, I know the Holy Eucharist is the crux of the Mass. It is our faith. I understand that the bread and wine are made into your body and blood at consecration. But at times, it is still difficult for me to comprehend this. One Sunday Mass, I was praying with my eyes closed and with my head bowed down. As I raised my head to see the priest hold up the host with his hands, I saw you instead of the priest! For just a second. Then you were gone. I know you showed me this vision to recall the Last Supper and answer my longing to understand. 

My dear Jesus, I often feel bad because I do not feel anything when I receive you in Holy Communion. I understand that I accept you in my mind, but my heart does not want to follow. One nondescript night, I dreamed very clearly that I was receiving the Holy Communion. When the host touched my tongue, I saw you in the host! Then I woke up. And I cried. 

My dear Jesus, why is it that I feel you are in my heart? Am I just thinking this, or are you really there? Another unremarkable evening, I dreamed that I saw you holding out your cupped, overlapping hands to me. As I drew closer to you, I noticed that on your hands was a heart. You let me recognize that it is my heart that you are holding. When I looked at my heart, I saw you inside it! Now I understand that you are really in my heart. 

My dear Jesus, you know I love you. But I have so many weaknesses that I don't feel I deserve your love, though I know your love is unconditional and is given as a grace. Then an answer slowly came to my mind letting me know it is from you, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Now I understand that we can never be perfect because it is in you that we find perfection.


I will continue to ask Jesus questions in my heart because, in His time, He will answer me. #catholicmom

I will continue to ask Jesus questions in my heart because, in His time, He will answer me. And I know He will answer yours too.

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