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Evangelizing through our words and actions is the focus of a new four-week multimedia series hosted by Katie Prejean McGrady.

The next Ave Explores series will focus on sharing our Christianity with others. It began October 27 and runs through November 23.

Ave Explores is a free educational series created to help Catholics consider aspects of our faith from a variety of angles, allowing us to look at topics that are relevant to our daily spiritual lives in fresh, engaging, and practical ways. It’s everyday faith for everyday Catholics. The series is also perfect for seekers and those who want to learn more about the Catholic faith.

We are all called to be examples of Christ in the world. Evangelizing through our words and actions is the focus of this four-week multimedia series, Ave Explores: Sharing the Faith. But what does that actually mean in the real
world? How do we share our faith without coming across as preachy? How do we overcome the fear of saying or doing something wrong?

You will learn from experts in ministry, theologians, and lay evangelists — including Fr. Blake Britton, Gloria Purvis, Shannon Wimp Schmidt, Mallory Smyth, and Christ Padgett — who share the message of the Gospel every day and
want to help you becoming the witness Jesus called you to be.

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Catch the preview podcast episode with Marcel LeJeune and host Katie Prejean McGrady.




Here is some of the content you’ll find during the four-week Ave Explores: Sharing the Faith series:

  • Week 1 looks at your call to evangelize and what it means to be a witness to Christ in the world.
  • Week 2 considers the foundations of evangelization, including prayer and the sacraments.
  • Week 3 identifies how people have evangelized through history and how you can use stories and jokes as a way to welcome people into the faith.
  • Week 4 looks at accompaniment — how you can walk with others as they explore Christianity and Catholicism.

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