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There's nothing like that after-confession feeling! Lisa Simmons wishes she could make that feeling last even longer.

Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

Oh wow, it feels so good to walk out of church feeling clean again! I love that feeling right after going to confession and being forgiven of all my faults and failings and making my amends with the Lord.

I walk to my car, swinging my arms and feeling lighthearted, singing a tune and smiling at everyone. I get in and head towards the grocery, the other 'errand' I had to do this Saturday afternoon.

"Hey, watch out! You're going to kill somebody driving like that, you idiot!" I shake my fist at another driver. Whoops, oh no, you just went to confession be careful of what you say, Lisa! Don't mess it up!

I drive in to the grocery parking lot and get ready to leave my car when my phone goes off. Seeing who it is I press decline and sigh, "For crying out loud, she is always bugging me about some mistake I've made. Can't she get a life?" Ack! I did it again. Stop thinking those mean thoughts; you just confessed!!

I calmly get out of the car and head inside the grocery. Since it is Saturday afternoon, everyone in town is at the grocery. That's okay, I think to myself, I'll just get a cart ... what? No carts? Where are all the carts? Can't anybody do their job? Stop it, Lisa!!! You are messing up this perfect just-confessed feeling. I walk outside to retrieve a cart to shop with and bring along a extra in case anyone else needs one. There, that's the way to behave after Confession, I congratulate myself.

I drop off the extra cart and begin shopping. Why do fruits and vegetables always look extra good after confession? I pick up some and hum myself to the canned food aisle. Wow, it is really busy in here today, I think to myself, smiling at everyone. I busy myself collecting canned foods and finish up my shopping and head to the checkout. The lines are really long but that's okay, I'm patient today. I just went to confession.

Suddenly a cart bumps into my heels. "Ouch!" I turn around to see what happened. The person behind me is busy talking on her cell phone, totally oblivious to bruising my heels. A frown appears on my face but I hold my tongue. I take a deep breath and move forward and begin unloading my purchase.

"Hello!" I greet the checker. I get no answer and I hear the bagger complaining about having to work late today. He and my checker begin a competition on whose day is worse. Meanwhile my fruits and vegetables are getting as bruised up by their lack of concentration on bagging as my heels are by the customer still talking on her cell phone behind me.

"Lord, get me out of here before I blow." I mutter under my breath. I take my receipt and don't even say "thank you" because the two employees are still complaining to each other and not giving me so much as a glance.

I get to my car and see someone has hit the door with a cart because the cart is still wedged up against my car and there's a nice white streak on the dark paint. "My word, why can't the world be a better place!" I yell to no one in particular and begin throwing bad words around as I load up my car.


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"Lord, I think before I left church I should have asked for a few more graces to go back out into the world." #catholicmom

I get into my seat and realize I've lost all of the peace I had received in confession.

I take a deep breath and sit still behind my steering wheel and don't start the car. "Lord, I think before I left church I should have asked for a few more graces to go back out into the world."

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned …"

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