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With the movie PRAY soon to hit theaters, Andrea Bear delves into Venerable Patrick Peyton's autobiography.

We all have our own spiritual journey in life. Some of us find it immediately, knowing our vocation to God whereas others have to go down a bumpy path to get there. No matter the walk, the journey takes us to places we never expected and our transformation with our faith leads us down a glorious road. I recently finished the book All for Her: The Autobiography of Fr. Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., and as I read the story of this blessed and holy man, his journey gives all of us inspiration to continue and grow in our walk with Jesus.

All for Her

Fr. Peyton’s life can be described as anything but boring or sedentary. Known for his famous phrase, “The family that prays together, stays together,” he spread his message of prayer, traveling the world evangelizing and encouraging others to pray the Rosary. But while we see his outward actions of his devotion to the Rosary, his autobiography gives personal accounts to his love and commitment to the Blessed Mother.

In Ireland, John and Mary Peyton instilled the practice of praying the Rosary in the lives of Patrick and his five siblings. But it wasn’t until he entered into the seminary, later was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was given the news that he may not recover that his devotion to the Rosary truly took off. His biography shares the personal accounts of his love for Mary and his witness to the miraculous healing he encountered fully recovering from tuberculosis and the many miracles of her graces from then after. He commits his life, pledging to share the Rosary and devotion to family prayer.

Reading Peyton's personal testimonies and his love of the Blessed Mother is inspiring. All for Her is a great story to learn not only about his life but understand his personal connection with Mary to inspire us all in evangelizing others.

Today his legacy continues under the sponsorship of the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

Father Peyton's journey gives all of us inspiration to continue and grow in our walk with Jesus. #catholicmom

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