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Fr. Edward Looney, a Catholic priest, podcaster, and Marian theologian, is offering short video lessons based on Christmas with the Chosen.

Join me beginning today for ten short video lessons based on Christmas with the Chosen: “The Messengers.”  These videos will help Catholic viewers to delve deeper beyond the Christmas special and episode by meditating about and examining further different themes of the Christmas Special from a Catholic perspective.



The ten lessons are:

  • The purpose of music
  • Miracles
  • Who is St. Joseph?
  • The marriage of Joseph and Mary
  • Did Mary experience pains in childbirth?
  • How much did Luke know?
  • How did Mary and the Apostles pray?
  • What are relics?
  • What do we know about the end of Mary's life?
  • How can I be a messenger?

Videos will be released on the Fr. Edward Looney YouTube Channel. 


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A special playlist will contain all of the short lessons. They will release today on YouTube, coinciding with the Christmas with the Chosen: "The Messengers" Fathom theatrical event. Buy your tickets to the Christmas special at FathomEvents.com.  

I will also be scheduling a ZOOM Discussion Event. Date and time have yet to be determined, but you can sign up for an email reminder.

I also interviewed Katherine Warnock, a producer with The Chosen, about the Christmas special.



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