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Laura Range reviews a new Christmas book that tells the story of the manger from the perspective of the innkeeper’s young daughter. Enter to win a copy!

The leaves have fallen. The darkness comes quickly in the evenings. The chill seeps in the windows. Though I love the coziness of this time of the year, I also mourn the loss of the summertime warmth and sunshine. Now instead, the warmth and light must come from different sources: candles, heat from the furnace, goodies baking in the oven. Happily, I realize light and warmth can come from within. 

In The Christmas Light by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, young Seraphina learns this lesson in a deeply spiritual way. This lovely children’s book is a retelling of the Christmas story from the perspective of the daughter of the innkeeper in Bethlehem. She begins the night frustrated with the crowded inn, cranky from the unusually cold weather. Yet in the midst of her self-pity, she recalls the family who arrived at the inn earlier that evening: the husband and his pregnant wife. Her father had to tell them the inn was full, but when they begged for shelter he allowed them to stay in the stable cave.

Seraphina thinks of them now, realizing they are even colder than her. She takes her oil lamp to the cave, offering it as light and warmth to the family but gains a greater gift in return. Her encounter with the baby, the Christ Child, warms her on the inside, “a fire blazing in her soul.” Her night, and her life, are changed forever.


Christmas Light


This new book from Sophia Institute Press is a simple yet powerful tale. It has a sort of hushed mystery to it that would open the door to good discussions with your children about how Jesus can change their lives, and that the most important changes He makes in our lives are often in our hearts and souls.

Our family has loved collecting Christmas books over the years. Though we enjoy magical tales of Santa, we gravitate more towards stories about the true meaning of Christmas, our Lord’s birth. The Christmas Light is a wonderful addition to our collection that will be read each year.


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