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Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB, describes her prayer while painting images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the go-to places of rest for me. I imagine placing my cheek against Our Lord's chest, and like a child, find the comfort needed. It is this affection that encourages me to paint His Sacred Heart.

Painting, and praying while doing so, is a discipline that is easy and restful. Those Sacred Hearts are not exquisite, but simple impressions of the fiery power in humility to change those around us — Jesus changed the world with His perfect humility of heart. To be humble is to be meek in the true Greek usage; to be strong and powerful yet under control and willing to submit to guidance.

Staying close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our strength is maintained as we are guided — sometimes through a battle!


Any child or adult can draw a red heart, add black squiggling lines around it representing the Crown of Thorns, and place a yellow tear-drop shaped flame on top, and talk with Jesus as we do so.

Maybe if we like what we’ve created well enough, we can give it as a gift to someone. A double blessing this; first in our drawing closer to Our Lord while creating a Sacred Heart, and then the recipient drawing close to Our Lord when looking upon our gift to them. Revealed to the childlike … like a child needing a burden lightened who is comforted by being held close so as to hear a heartbeat, we too are comforted being close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

margaret realy sacred heart of Jesus

Dear Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, lead me to your heart, fill my heart with your love and allow me to share that love with others.

How can you grow in your love to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Copyright 2020 Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB
Image by Daian Gan (2016), Pexels
Painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus copyright Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB. All rights reserved.