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Anne DeSantis considers our need to remember that the food we enjoy is a gift from God.

Food is such a blessing from God. It can also be an obsession in our culture. Whether we are looking to be thin, more muscular, “healthier” or live longer, food does have a factor in this too. We can become obsessed with what we are eating, as well. Whether we are looking for recipes online, shopping at a trendy food market, out to eat somewhere, or cooking at home, we can focus too much on getting what we want from the food we eat. It’s all good. However, there is always balance. Food is a gift from God.

When we delight in all that is offered in today’s world, brings a smile to a face especially one that is hungry! I say that with a laugh. Health, wellness, moderation, and balance will help us live longer and really enjoy eating the food given to us. But, let us not forget that just like all things in life food is a gift. I have learned that generosity is essential for peace of heart. Let’s share what we have and give to those who do not have food to eat. So, as we are enjoying all these blessings and living a good life, we remember the poor and those who would love to have what we have.

I am grateful that as I have gotten older, God has enlightened me on the importance of eating right and being grateful. Whether you’re sipping coffee or reading this meditation in front of a snack or meal, take the time to be profoundly grateful for the present moment and the food God has given you. Be blessed and share with the poor, too.


Lord, we are beyond grateful for providing food for our tables help us to always share what we have with those who do not have enough to eat. As we buy our food for the week, order out from nice restaurants, and enjoy our daily coffee, help us to recognize you inside every bite or sip. You have provided this food and help us to never forget that not everyone has been provided for in the ways that we have. Help us to share, help us to pray, and us to always remember the marginalized. Amen.

Take the time to be profoundly grateful for the present moment and the food God has given you. #catholicmom

Copyright 2020 Anne DeSantis
Image: Pixabay (2020)