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In reflecting on the Annunciation, Colleen Mallette realizes that God always gives us what we need: even in this busy season of Advent.

When I think about the reading from Luke’s Gospel about the Annunciation, it makes me wonder what my reaction would have been. The angel Gabriel was the blessed spirit God chose to announce to His chosen servant Mary that she was to give birth to the Savior of the World.

God had been preparing her all her young life for this moment, and yet she had no idea it was coming. Her reaction was filled with pure honesty, uncertainty and faithfulness. Mary’s two responses were, “How can this be?” (Luke 1:34) and “May it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).

She wondered how it was possible, a perfectly understandable human question but one without disbelief or judgment. I feel that my response would have included many more questions, since I like to know all the details before making big decisions.

But Mary listened to the angel’s explanation and reassurance and gave the go ahead without anymore hesitation. How beautiful and trusting she was! Maybe it helped that the angel prefaced the announcement with, “The Lord is with you. ... Do not be afraid, you have found favor with God” (Luke 1:28, 30). Then he reminded her that “nothing will be impossible for God” (Luke 1:37), so that if she had any doubts by that point she was speaking with a spirit who knew of God’s ultimate power.




God gave Mary exactly what she needed, her whole life, but mostly at that moment. He gave her the courage, the faith, the strength, the desire to know the right words and have the heart to be a part of His glorious plan of salvation.

Through the angel Gabriel, God also gave Mary information, reassurance, encouragement, courage, and most importantly love. God provided for her everything she needed at that moment to say “Yes” to His plan and her part in it.

Don’t we all wish that God spoke that clearly to us of His desires and provisions like He did through Gabriel? That would be so much easier and clearer. But if we seek Him earnestly in prayer, through Scriptures and mentors, we will often get clear guidance just like Mary did. God longs for us to “hear” Him and tries in many ways to get through to us as any loving Father would.

God also gives us exactly what we need in order to fulfill His will. We may not know it at the time or see what His plan is down the road, but He will equip us for whatever He calls us to be. The difficulties we are going through right now may seem overwhelming, but in God’s plan it is what we need to aid in a future role He has planned for us.

We may not know what to say to the friend just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, but God gives us the words at the time as long as we trust Him.

“When you are arrested and judged, don’t worry ahead of time about what you should say. Say whatever is given you to say at that time, because it will not really be you speaking; it will be the Holy Spirit” (Mark 11:13 NCV, emphasis mine).


We may not think things will work out with a new co-worker, housing situation, or overlapping schedules, but God provides what we need to adjust and accomplish what is needed. He is always there for us; we just need to call on Him.

We may have too many things on our plates to get ready for Christmas Day, but God wants us to remember to spend time with Him and He will help us prioritize our time with good balance.


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God leads us and prepares us, just as He did for Mary. #catholicmom

God leads us and prepares us, just as He did for Mary. He will give us just what we need right at the right time!



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