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Leslea Wahl reviews In My Mother's Womb, a book families can read together to help children understand the growth of a baby from conception to birth.

In My Mother’s Womb was written by Susan Joy Bellavance, Fr. Bill Deschamps, Christine Schroeder, Mary Roma, and illustrated by Dan Andrease.


In My Mothers Womb



In My Mother’s Womb is a beautiful book for families to help explain and understand the growth of a precious baby from conception to birth. Each spread in the book represents a week as the baby develops. Scientific facts and Bible verses accompany this developing baby’s thoughts, making this a perfect book for the whole family to enjoy together. The incredible illustrations of the baby at each week of life add so much to this book, providing visuals of how the baby looks and moves through each stage of the pregnancy. This book would make a wonderful gift for families expecting a new baby or a valuable tool to impress upon children that life truly begins at conception. 


Life is God's greatest gift: a gift to be cherished, protected, and celebrated. Every child, from the moment of conception, is a gift from God. In My Mother's Womb expresses the mysterious unfolding of a life in a mother's womb from the unique point of view of the child. The story imagines what the child is seeing, hearing, thinking, and feeling. In diary form week by week, the little soul enthralls the reader with wonder at the vibrant growth and development of the human person that occurs before birth. With accompanying Scripture verses and stunning artwork for each week, this book provides a fresh encounter with life and the Author of Life. 

Ask for In My Mother's Womb at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Our Sunday Visitor.




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