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Fr. Fred Jenga, C.S.C., newly named President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, greets the Catholic Mom community.

It is a joy for me to write to you all! In a sense, I am the newcomer to the Catholic Mom family, but on the other hand we have been sharing a great mission for a while. As a young priest in East Africa, I became the Director of our Family Rosary mission there, and I served in the role for seven years. Our mission to families throughout the world is a mission that is close to my heart. My choice of graduate studies, my approach to ministry, and my service as a Corporate Board Member of Holy Cross Family Ministries were motivated by the value I attach to our ministry to families.    

Preaching on the Feast of the Assumption last week here in our chapel at the Peyton Center in Massachusetts, I shared how moms have always been special to people, and how it should not be a surprise that Jesus gave Mary a special privilege of being assumed into heaven at the end of her earthly life. I would do the same for my mom!  




I am deeply appreciative of the gifts that Catholic Mom has brought to our family of ministries. Now that I have been asked to take the helm of our shared mission, I want to thank all the Catholic Mom writers for the wisdom each of them shares from the heart! I thank God that we can journey together in service to Catholic moms and their families. I call upon the Holy Spirit for inspiration for all of us. I ask each of you for your prayer for me as I serve as President of our ministry.    

Through the intercession of our Mother Mary and Venerable Patrick Peyton, I ask Our Lord to bless each or you and your family.    



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