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Do you ask God to give you clear signs about what to do? Déborah Xavier-Mis recalls how God answered that very prayer.

Whoever knows me in my faith life knows how I ask God in my prayers to please not give me “hints” on what to do but rather tell me straight forward. I ask Him to please tell me with all the words, without hidden messages.

The more I pray in this sense, the stronger my connection with God became and the easier it is for me to recognize His care in my daily life. As in every relationship, the closer I become to Him, the easier it is for me to communicate with Him. Strengthening my relationship with God made me aware of His presence in my life.

I still have days or moments where I feel lonely and desperation starts to creep up, but I keep on praying. Even if I can only do a sign of the cross in the morning, meal-time prayer, and a bedtime prayer with my toddler, I just keep on praying. And then, when I least expect, God literally shows up in my life. This time it happened through a dear friend who sent me an amazing Christmas gift: a Bible from The Word on Fire!

Let me put it on perspective here: what are the odds that the Wise Men would come to my house a couple of days before their feast day? None? Zero? … Well, it happened!

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God revealed Himself to me so clearly that it gives me goosebumps to think about it. On January 4, 2021, I received an unexpected package. Addressed to me, with an “expected delivery date” of December 23, 2020. I opened the package and found a Bible and a beautiful card with a picture of the three Wise Men. Besides the delivery delay, I could not have received it at a better time! I felt as though the Wise Men were inviting me to keep on walking closer to Jesus, growing in faith.


The Wise Men brought me exactly what I needed: hope, encouragement, and trust. #catholicmom

After the Christmas celebration I tend to feel life going to automatic pilot. New year, back to work and regular routines at the house. So, when I received this gift, the Wise Men brought me exactly what I needed: hope, encouragement, and trust. And the feeling that God was so close gave a wonderful sense of peace to my busy and worrying self. What a wonderful gift to have: the gift of a Holy friendship.


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