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Maria V. Gallagher explores an important spiritual resource tailor-made for teens, by Catholic Mom contributing writer Kathryn Pasker Ineck.


You may have religious children’s books overflowing on your bookshelves. But once your son or daughter reaches the age of puberty, you may be struggling to find resources to satisfy your child’s spiritual hunger. 

Now comes author Kathryn Pasker Ineck to the rescue with Hosannah in the Highest: A Sunday Mass Journal for Catholic Teens. This is the type of user-friendly journal which can help your teen get in touch with the Lord.

First of all, the colorful cover is inviting without being overpowering. It is the type of cover which makes you want to delve into the contents inside. The pages encourage the reader to not only write but to doodle—something that will appeal to the artists in your family. 

In addition to providing references to the readings for Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, the journal sparks reflection on the teen’s favorite hymn of the day and prayer intentions. The pages also encourage teens to ponder key questions such as:

  • What is God calling me to do?
  • Why didn’t Simon Peter want Jesus to wash his feet?
  • What was it about Jesus that compelled Simon and Andrew, James and John, to follow Him? 

In addition, the journal includes short prayers which can enable the teen to begin a conversation with God.  

But the journal itself is not meant to be pristine. In fact, the author encourages teens to scribble in the journal to their hearts’ content. As she writes: 

This journal is meant to get messy. And bent. And dog-eared. Write in it, draw in it, make it your own. You are more likely to fully participate in the Mass when you are actively engaged in the readings, prayers, and songs, so take advantage of these pages to be an active listener.  


As parents, we may struggle mightily to keep the flame of faith burning in our children. Sometimes the simple approach is best. Handing Hosannah in the Highest to your teen may be just the catalyst for his or her own personal conversion experience. I only wish it had been available when I myself was a teen. I think I could have avoided the stark wilderness of being estranged from God if I had had such a resource to help mold and guide my spiritual life.      

Hosannah in the Highest is available on Amazon.com in two color and design options. Each may be purchased in paperback or hardcover.


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