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Kathy Schober ponders Jesus' teaching to go beyond the original Covenant and live out our lives in love.

Live the Law in Love … these words formed in my heart as I meditated upon today’s Gospel.

The Law represents the Old Covenant. A covenant is a Love Relationship. God said, “I will be your God and you will be My people.” The people said, “We will live in Your Law.”

Jesus fulfills the Law and brings the New Covenant, a new, fuller Love Relationship. Jesus, through His life, death and resurrection fulfills the Law and leads us to Love.

The Ten Commandments teach us to love God and love others. But Jesus “exceeds” this and gives a new Law, a new commandment, to love as He loves. Just as the Beatitudes teach us to live in love, Jesus continues to urge us to “exceed” the Old Covenant and to live out our lives in love.

And we respond in word and deed and we live out God’s Law in Love.

Are there particular ways this week that I adhered to the rules rather than letting God’s love rule my heart, guiding my words and deeds?


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We respond to God’s New Covenant in word and deed and we live out God’s Law in Love. #catholicmom

Prayer: Good and loving God, write your Law upon my heart. Then, following the example of Jesus and the guidance of your Holy Spirit, may I live out Your Law in love.

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About the author: Kathy Mallery Schober directs Faith Formation, catechizing for over 25 years, and holds a graduate degree in education. As a public speaker and educator, she has earned awards for her work with families and children. Reaching families in the midst of our pandemic, Kathy Mallery Schober created the Domestic Church channel. She also shares reflections on 8th Station.