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Looking for a sweet way to introduce the sights, sounds, and colors of the Church to your little ones? Laura Range reviews a book for kids to explore! 

One of my favorite words to hear my 3-year-old say is "tabernacle." Such a big word for a little guy, yet he proudly says the word in his sweet voice and points to the gold box where Jesus lives at church. From even the youngest ages, our children show us they are quick and eager learners, sponges that absorb all the information around them and excitedly attempt to understand and share the world around them. Because books are a great way to build their vocabulary and shape their worldview, I'm so grateful for authors and publishers who provide Catholic options to include along with the typical shapes and colors and letters! 

Author Casey Pawelek has written an adorable new Catholic children's book that offers a unique style for your little ones to learn about the world of the Catholic Church. Look and Learn: Words for Catholic Kids is a small but mighty book that is reminiscent of the Richard Scarry books my generation grew up with—full of engaging illustrations labeled with vocabulary words, but in this case the scenes to explore are Catholic themes!  




Included are colorful and descriptive pages with Catholic items and people in the home, in the church, on the altar, and in the choir. There are also pages with the liturgical colors, the Sacraments, the virtues, Marian apparitions, and more. Not only is this a cheerful and interesting book to look through and learn new words, but it is also a great springboard to initiate deeper conversations about the concepts within. I am impressed with the quality and quantity of Catholic teaching presented in a simple and engaging way. As a bonus, there's a toddler version of this book called Look and Learn: First Words for Catholic Kids. It includes many of the same pages but in a sturdy board book style for tiny hands!  

These would make lovely gifts for a birthday or Baptism, but would also be a great "just because" gift for summer learning! 

Ask for Look and Learn at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com or the publisher, Paraclete Press.



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