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Jasmine Kuzner shares her husband’s recipe for salmon cakes: a go-to meal for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Get our printable recipe card!

These salmon cakes are a favorite at our house. Besides being delicious, one reason they are so popular (for me in particular) is that my husband is fond of making them! For breakfast or brunch, serve these salmon cakes with an egg over easy and hashbrowns. For lunch, serve atop a cool green salad with a creamy vinaigrette. For dinner, serve on a roll with pickled onions, tomatoes, and whatever toppings you desire. For a fancier Friday evening, substitute jumbo lump crab meat for the salmon.  

Salmon Cakes 

Yield: 6-8 cakes medium cakes (per lb) 


½ cup mayonnaise 
1 egg, beaten 
1 tbs Dijon mustard 
1 tbs Worcestershire sauce 
⅛ tsp cayenne pepper 
1 lb salmon (pre-cooked or canned. We used baked sockeye salmon) 
18 saltine crackers, finely crushed 
Canola or vegetable oil for frying 



Break up cooked salmon with a fork or drain canned salmon and pick out bones. Set aside.   

Whisk together mayonnaise, egg, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and cayenne pepper until blended. 

In a bowl, toss the salmon with the cracker crumbs. Fold in the mayonnaise mixture. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. 

Pack salmon into small patties (⅓ cup), about 1½ inches thick. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Cook until deeply golden and heated through, about 3 minutes per side. Set to drain on a plate covered with paper towels.  


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A simple recipe for versatile salmon cakes, thanks to the husband who shared it! Printable recipe available. #CatholicMom

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