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Nikki Lamberg considers the best guidebook for moms as they learn to engage their motherly superpowers.

For my son’s fourth birthday he wanted a superhero theme and had the costume to boot. Most years, they try to dress the part of the theme, but this year I decided to join in that fun too. With both of my boys' birthdays being in October, I am convinced that is where the love of dressing up in costumes comes from. Every year, my 4-year-old asks me what I am going to be, and every year I tell him, “a mom.” By the time I am done getting my four kiddos dressed and out the door, putting on a costume myself is usually the last thing on my mind.

This year for his birthday, I decided to surprise him, and I purchased a Super Mom shirt, cape, eye mask and headband, and he thought I was the coolest ever.  




While I don’t actually consider myself a superhero, I think moms do have superpowers. The key is understanding how to engage them.  

One of the superpowers I think moms have is the power of improvisation and the ability to change direction at the drop of a hat. I think of all the times I have had to switch directions or decide how I am going to handle a situation due to an unforeseen circumstance. Whether the events are good or bad, we have the power to decide how we are going to handle them. And to help us make those decisions, we rely on past experiences, outside influences, personal growth, social media, and books—to name a few. Much like the food we feed our bodies plays a role in how we feel and look, the food we feed our brains affects how we act, think, and feel.  

When we consider where we are getting our resources, I think the most common responses you will here are social media platforms. But what about the oldest resource of all: the Bible? How often we turn to influences that don’t really matter, rather than the book that was designed for us to navigate life—the one that truly does have all the answers!  

Just as we use a recipe to guide us in making the food we eat, or a GPS to help us when we are traveling, the Bible is a great resource to guide us in every way. Instead of turning to social media, what are some of the ways you can make the Bible a resource that is quick and convenient for you? Perhaps it’s a podcast—I love “The Bible in a Year” with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Perhaps it’s an app on your phone—check out the Hallow app! Maybe it’s your favorite Bible verse printed out and hung up by your computer, or someplace else where you are going to see it every day. Perhaps it’s a daily group message with your friends where you each share a Bible verse. The possibilities are truly endless once you start understanding what is going to work best for you.  


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Just as we use a recipe to guide us in making the food we eat, or a GPS to help us when we are traveling, the Bible is a great resource to guide us in every way.


When you’re feeling like you're stuck, or your superhero armor needs some reinforcement, try reaching for the Bible or other faith-oriented resource, and reflect on what God is trying to tell you. It might take a while to find the answer you’re seeking, but if you invest in the time and energy to continue building your relationship with God, you will find so much more than you ever thought you were looking for. 



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