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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Pam Spano decided to focus on the blessings of this year. What are your top 10 blessings of 2020?

In this year of lockdowns, limitations, and numerous deaths (oh, and an election), I’ve tried to find the blessings in 2020. I know it’s only November, but here are my Top Ten Blessings of 2020: 

  1. My husband retired in 2019. I know, he didn’t retire in 2020, but this was a major blessing because we were able to get our finances together before the lockdown started.
  2. We sold a rental house (also in 2019) which gave us a financial cushion for 2020.
  3. My husband and I have continued to be in good health.
  4. Our adult children still live at home so we were able to stay together as a family and enjoy meals and outings together.
  5. Two of our children were about to buy a house together which probably wouldn’t have ended well as both of them were out of work for months. They have since gone back to work.
  6. We have had spurts of amazing weather! 70 degree temps and lots of sunshine!
  7. We have made up recipes (which turned out pretty good!), but we’ve also tried to support our local restaurants. One of my daughter’s friends treated us to a “COVID dinner” for my birthday. On Mother’s Day we splurged on a more expensive meal to celebrate. We enjoyed an outdoor meal at a local restaurant.
  8. After gaining weight (obviously), I lost 6 lbs.
  9. I wake up every morning. 

And last, but definitely not least … 

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  1. We bought a NEW CAR! No big deal you say? We haven’t bought a new car in almost 20 years! THIS WAS HUGE! The night before we went to the dealer, I prayed with all my heart that if we were meant to get a new car, things would go smoothly. I cried as we drove it home. The next day we had it blessed. 


Try and focus on the blessings. The little ones are always there if you look for them. #catholicmom

Though this year has been a struggle, I look for daily blessings to focus on. After one particularly stressful day, I prayed the Rosary. I woke up the next morning feeling so much peace that I’ve vowed to continue the practice every day. 

This year has been a challenge for some and downright awful for others. Try and focus on the blessings. The little ones are always there if you look for them.

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Image copyright 2020 Pam Spano