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Anni Harry reviews Emily Wilson Hussem's encouraging new video course for moms. Find out how to save 15% on your registration.

When offered the opportunity to review the new video course by Emily Wilson Hussem, Navigating Motherhood with Confidence, Surrender, and Joy, I was initially reluctant. Last year, we were shocked in with our fourth high-risk pregnancy. Little Miss 2.0 entered the world at the end of December 2022, and as I entered the world of sleepless nights, diaper changes, nursing on demand, and early developmental milestones for the fourth time, I was doubtful I could put my skepticism on pause long enough to complete a fair and balanced review. The last thing I wanted was any more parenting advice thrown my way, no matter how well-intentioned. 

At a 1:30 AM feed, my insomnia kicked in and after the baby had gone back to sleep, I sat in the bed trying to determine what would come next. When I suffer from insomnia in the middle of the night, sometimes I pray. Other times, I sit in the bed staring at the rooftops, and I usually lean toward scrolling social media as my last resort. That particular morning, I didn’t want to scroll; I then remembered I had access to Emily’s video series, and a review due, so I figured 1:30 in the morning was as perfect time as any to get started watching the series.  



Before I got tired again, I found myself through four chapters of loving encouragement. The other six chapters were left for multiple days throughout the rest of the week, when I could steal snippets between all the shenanigans and various appointments required of our household. 

Navigating Motherhood with Confidence, Surrender, and Joy was a far cry from the advice I feared. Rather, Emily offers real insight to the various stages of early motherhood, with Emily sharing candidly that she is still early in her motherhood journey. In the first chapter, Emily explains that she would like to make this series a “heart to heart,” and “didn’t want to make this a book because I wanted you to feel like I am sitting with you.”  

Emily sat with me throughout the entire week, giving me the opportunity to receive invaluable faith-based encouragement in moments when they were needed. Emily interlaced the messages with her own stories of her little ones, and was real, honest, and relatable with both the parenting stories and the wisdom she shared. 


Emily Wilson Hussem


Emily provided a balm for this mother’s soul—one which embraces motherhood, all its ups and downs, and often wonders if she’s doing things correctly. Through her words and examples, Emily validated so many feelings as a mother tries to balance saying yes to faith, and yes to motherhood, ultimately finding both intertwined together. 

The interface for the video series was easy to navigate and use. Accessing the series through both my phone and desktop, I was easily able to toggle back and forth between episodes and journal pages. The journal pages print beautifully both in black-and-white and in color, and are a perfect supplement to the topics addressed by Emily. The prayers were uplifting and meaningful. 

If I had creative control over the series, I would have switched Chapters Two and Three, offering the “Growing in Confidence” chapter before the “Pregnancy” chapter. Furthermore, in her passionate presentation, Emily misspeaks in Chapter Nine (“What I Wish I Would Have Known”), referencing “Matthew 35” numerous times, when in reality, she most likely meant Matthew 25, with the verses 35-40. That can quickly be remedied with a disclaimer written at the bottom of the video screen. 

At the end of my time with Emily’s series, I walked away remembering the value of my motherhood. I was encouraged to continue focusing not just on the little ones in my charge, but to remember the love of the Father for me, as He watches me undertake the monumental task of sharing His love and mercy with my children.  

This series is highly recommended for expectant mamas, first-time mamas, more seasoned mamas, mothers’ groups, and even independent study.  

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I highly recommend gifting this series to a mother (or pregnant mother) in your life. At the very least, she will walk away appreciating that she was created for her role as a mother, and she is not alone in her motherhood. 

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