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Nikki Lamberg ponders how bringing a child into the world recalls Christmas Day all over again.

Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world. My whole life, I have dreamed of becoming a mom. It’s always been a dream of mine that has been deeply rooted in my heart. That dream was reinforced by my desire to help care for my younger cousins when I was with them, and the encouragement through my family and friends that someday they thought I would be a great mom.

As my husband and I began our journey into parenthood, it became a journey of infertility and pregnancy loss, but ultimately a hope, trust, and endless love for God and His plan for us and our family. This trust took time and healing of our hearts, with a reward that we would be blessed with four children.

As we just welcomed our fourth child into the world, I am reminded yet again of this great love we have for each other. Our love for our children is a love so strong and so large that I can’t begin to fathom the agape love that God has for us, His very own children.

As our delivery day came upon us, I was reminded of His love for us in so many ways. A rare newborn smile on command for my husband, a smile so perfect that there can’t be another explanation except for God granting this reward to him for a job well done. A quick and easy delivery for me, a sign that God’s timing is always perfect. The love and prayers from our family and friends for a safe and healthy delivery, mom, and baby, with a gentle reminder that having a child is like Christmas Day all over again. Every child is a child of God, each one perfectly and wonderfully made by Him alone.

It continues to amaze me how much love we have to give. It feels like an endless river, getting stronger as the days go on, and more abundant as our family grows. Each child has their own special place in the family, and although there are always several adjustments to be made, we take each one as they come, one day at a time.


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Having a child is like Christmas Day all over again. Every child is a child of God, each one perfectly and wonderfully made by Him alone. #catholicmom

I imagine this must be how Mary and Joseph felt as they welcomed Jesus into this world. As a mom, Mary knew her baby was special. Not just because He is the son of God, but because God chose her to be his earthly mom. I imagine that she, too, often took one day at a time, trusting in the Lord with all her heart that she was meant to be His and He was meant to be hers: a thought we as earthly parents should remember too.

No matter how long the days, or nights, God chose us to be theirs. We have been chosen to guide them through this life, helping them to know God and to live a good and long Christian life. We have been carefully chosen to be God’s gift to our children, just as our children have been chosen to be our Gift from God.

I can’t think of anything greater and more wonderful than a love between a parent and a child. How wonderful to know that we have that opportunity here on earth, but even greater, that love and opportunity with God our Father forever and ever.



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