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Erin McCole Cupp discusses the biggest thing that nobody talks about that can keep us out of temptation--and how to incorporate that into a successful Lent.

In our Hangout this week, Erin McCole Cupp shares a bit of her recovery story from binge-eating disorder, noting that the cravings don't ever go away. But there are tools that can help us resist those temptations. Be sure to check out the links below the video for the resources Erin mentions.

Join us for this fun & inspiring CatholicMom Hangout. And be sure to add your thoughts, questions & ideas in the comments!



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All of that self-criticism didn't work. But reaching for relationship did. #catholicmom

Resources mentioned in this video:

Erin's food story on YouTube

Erin's book, All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Normal Family, on Amazon

First Comes Love by Scott Hahn, on Amazon

How many rats do you need in your colony?

Facebook group: Heard Mentality, Where Truth Heals

Self-Control 101: Free 5-Step Course

QUIZ: What's your cycle-breaking Beatitude? (Take the quiz and receive a free PDF of a chapter of All Things New, chosen especially for you)



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