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Laurie J. Schmitt shares how she discovered that one of her grandchildren had kidnapped her copy of a new children's book by Monica DiIorio.

On any given day, the far end of my long dining room table is piled with bunches of books. Many are references for new writing projects, some are waiting to be cataloged and shelved in my home library, and every now and then, there are a few for reviewing. The books have always been safe and sound, readily found on my dining room table, that is, until recently.  

“Where’d that one go?” I said, shuffling again through the stacks. I was becoming convinced that I hadn’t received it. Tracking the package proved its delivery, however, even that didn't provide much comfort: several times during this snowy winter season, envelopes and packages were tossed on the snowbank by the garage door, left to the whim of the wind (and my hound dog).

Doubting that I'd find it before spring, I kept searching and asking family members, alerting them to the title and the necessary timeliness of my review. After a few days, my daughter called. “Remember the book—Christmas Angel Song? Well, one of my little readers has it in her book nook, tucked in with other Christmas favorites.” (One of the best compliments for a children’s book!)  


Christmas Angel Song


Christmas Angel Song by Monica DiIorio should be found in your stack, too. The illustrations are bright and cheery. Purpley winter snow-scapes cover the ground like a downy comforter as snowflakes float like little lights in the frosty air. Birds decorate the tree branches as rabbits, squirrels and other woodland animals join in the angels’ song to celebrate the birth of the new Baby. 

In the storybook, two angels, like childhood friends, remember the first Christmas. Entering a little country church, they kneel before the tabernacle with the true gift of Christmas, Jesus, present there. They retell the story—of how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem, of how the Christmas star lit up the night and of how kings and shepherds came to see the new babe.   

Christmas Angel Song reminds littles that by loving God, following his star, and by their prayers and acts of kindness, that they, too, bring Jesus to the world.  

Ask for Christmas Angel Song at your local Catholic bookseller, or order online from Amazon.com.




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