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Array of Hope Ministries creates one-of-a-kind digital event personalized for Catholic organizations seeking to evangelize and catechize in a COVID-19 reality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, parishes and dioceses are working to maintain effective and meaningful faith formation for the coming school year. Array of Hope brings years of event and retreat experience to a new platform to provide a virtual experience unlike any other - a truly interactive, live, multidimensional virtual retreat. Array of Hope’s “Rise Up” Retreat provides a remote experience that is dynamic, inspirational, and interactive, making the attendee truly part of the event.  It enables parishes or dioceses to plan with more stability in the midst of the uncertainties of what reopening will look like.


This one-of-a-kind live, virtual experience allows attendees to not only receive excellent content through music, testimonies, and talks, but also to engage with the presenters on a “virtual stage” with contests, games, and polls that give attendees a sense of participating at the event in person.

“These are times that Catholics need to be creative and original. Array of Hope has created a completely unique and needed event,” said Mario Costabile, founder and executive director of Array of Hope. “There are great virtual conferences happening throughout the Church, but most are one-sided with participants just tuning into content to watch or listen,” explained Costabile. “We wanted to take the virtual conference idea to the next level by creating a two-way event that would most closely simulate a live event. We wanted to do more than just produce good content. We wanted to uplift, engage, and connect in new ways.”


Parishes could also utilize “Rise Up” as a family faith formation experience to allow parents to participate in the same events with their children. “We are all about fostering healthy families, and that begins with keeping families together to encounter Christ and grow in their relationship with Him,” explains Costabile. Events can be customized to meet the faith formation goals for individual parishes helping to make each event a unique experience connected to the parish or host organization.

Event costs are offset by a modest stipend paid by the host site or through a registration fee per person.  Bookings can be scheduled within 30 days of the event and require very little of the host organization.

The Array of Hope “Rise Up” Retreat brings together solid catechesis, personal faith stories from young adults, prayer experiences, musical performances, and live interaction with participants to provide a powerful, faith-building experience that helps young people grow in their love of Jesus Christ. While the event can be booked for 1-2 hours, Array of Hope recommends the perfect length as 1 ½ hours.  It is ideal for Confirmation retreats or other inspirational events for parishes, schools, and other ministries focused on fostering dynamic encounters with Christ.


Parish staff and other Catholic leaders who want to sample this family-focused event can register for a free “Come and See” live virtual event on August 20 at 1:30pm EST by visiting ArrayOfHope.net.

Founded in 2010, Array of Hope creates and produces transformative events, films, and music for Catholic parishes, dioceses, and faith-based organizations.  Array of Hope exists to reveal the “Truths of our Faith” by creating high-quality films, music, and events.  Seeking to address the decline of God in our culture, Array of Hope is empowered with God’s grace to capture the hearts of families and awaken an inner desire to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This goal is accomplished through each of these specific ministries: (1) The Array of Hope Concert, (2) Array of Hope Films and Music, (3) Array of Hope Youth and Family Retreats, and (4) Array of Hope Social Media Outreach

A powerful, faith-building experience that helps young people grow in their love of Jesus Christ. #catholicmom

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