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Cathi Kennedy reviews Chloe Langr's new book, which focuses on the concept of Eucharistic friendship.

Eucharistic friendship. This was a new concept before I read Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship by Chloe Langr. Friendship, especially friendships grounded in the Catholic faith, is one of my most treasured gifts, so I was intrigued to learn more.




Langr writes that there are two components to Eucharistic friendship: the first is to humble ourselves and look to meet the needs of others, and the second is to show others Christ’s love through our friendships.

It’s in those small, hidden moments where the women around us are able to see not only us, but Christ acting through us. 


The author has collected reflections from women of all ages to share their stories about these topics:

  • What’s worked in their friendships 
  • When it’s time to let a friend go
  • How to navigate online friendships
  • How to ensure that God is at the center of them all 

Each chapter includes a tip on how to give a particular aspect of friendship: authenticity, hospitality, transition, and also how to receive these same graces from our friends. Sometimes those are the most challenging lessons: when we are offered a gift that we don’t feel ready or worthy to receive. 

Repeatedly Langr reminds us that God made us for community, and that good and holy friendships are what He desires for us. And not just friendships with others on earth. We’re told that countless heavenly sisters want deeper relationships with us: the saints!

Saints are real people, too, and many of them have gone through the same sticky situations we find ourselves in today.


Regardless of your circumstance, you will likely find one saint you connect with, who holds a special place for you, and whom you can establish a heavenly friendship with. 

Whether you are trying to establish new friendships, deepen existing friendships, or discern which friendships are feeding you at this point in your life, Sisterhood will resonate with you. Langr cuts through the cliché and helps us understand that with Christ at the center, our friendships are not only fulfilling our needs here on earth, but will help us attain our heavenly goals as well.



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