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What do you love about Sunday? Inspired by a popular country song, Nikki Lamberg asked friends to answer this question.

Every so often I smell a scent, taste a food, or hear a song that is full of nostalgia and instantly brings me to a happy place. Craig Morgan’s “That’s What I Love About Sunday” does that for me. It’s one of my all-time favorites because of the story it tells: encouraging us to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life rather than rushing through every moment of every hour.  



The song begins by describing the different types of people walking in to church. The town mechanic, the young family with children who are usually full of spunk (that’s my family!), the elderly lady who loves to sing but whose voice is a little off pitch. All are from different walks of life, but all are there to give praise and glory to God. This verse is a great reminder that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from or where you’re going.

When everyone gathers at the table with Jesus, you are family in Christ. Jesus welcomes you regardless of your past or present state, whether you stayed out late the night before or can’t pitch a tune. He invites you to join him in praise, worship, and fellowship with each other, as a community of believers in faith. I can’t tell you the number of times I have personally walked into church frustrated or aggravated by events of the week, or even that morning, but at the end of mass can walk away with internal peace and joy, ready to take on another week with Jesus by my side.  




The next part of the song talks about going home after church to sit down to a home-cooked meal, followed by any number of activities with the family. From a backyard game of football to not doing much of anything. I feel my body instantly relax. How sweet it is to have a day to spend focused on family and our own needs. How often do we naturally fill up both days of our weekend instead of reserving one to slow down, take a breath, and refresh for the next week. What a beautiful thing to sit down to a nice meal with family, not rushing through to get to the next thing in the routine. And it doesn’t have to be chicken and baked beans of course. It’s not about what you’re eating, but who you’re with.

One of my favorite things to do on Sundays is to cook a full meal, complete with coffee and dessert. It doesn’t matter what I’m serving, it’s the conversation and contentment of just being present and together with those you love. Oh, the stories my childhood kitchen table could tell. So many memories with the ones we love who are still here with us or have been called home by God.  

I love this song because it speaks of simpler times, when worry wasn’t at my beck and call as I raise four little kids. Now that I am in this season of life, and the naïveté of childhood has gone, it’s the picture of peace and tranquility that I find myself longing for.  




As it turns out, I am not the only one who feels this way. I polled my social network community to ask what they love about Sundays. There was an overwhelming response of going to church: praising God, hands held high, offering up all that we have and all that we are for the glory of Him. Creating a “great reset” for the week by preparing lunches and dinners, setting clothes out the night before, gathering backpacks, shoes, and jackets for morning ease. Rest and relaxation—no big chores such as grocery shopping on Sundays.  

Maybe it’s time to take back our Sundays. Maybe if we all start preserving Sundays again like God has intended for us to do, we wouldn’t feel like we are constantly rushing around, stressed to the max trying to do all the things, and starting the next work week no better than we left it on Friday at 5:00.  


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I encourage you to listen to this song and see how it makes you feel. Does it bring you back to simpler times? Does it refresh a sense of hope, peace, and tranquility in your soul? Challenge yourself: what could Sundays really look like for you and your family if you just take the time to slow down and appreciate those you have around you? 



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