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Mary Lou Rosien considers the many times God has taught her a new lesson through a familiar Scripture reading.

One of my favorite ways to pray is using Sacred Scripture. I am amazed, when I truly take time to listen, how God reveals new truths to me—exactly when I need them. Recently, I was reflecting on Matthew’s Gospel 20:1-16, the Parable of the vineyard workers who are paid the same no matter how many hours they work. This Gospel only appears in Matthew and not any of the other Canonical Gospels (Mark, Luke) and so we only hear it one time every three liturgical years.  

I have heard preaching on this Gospel many times and yet, as I used this reading for my Lectio Divina prayers I found a new meaning which seemed to stand this Gospel on its head! God clearly had a lesson for me to learn.  

We usually focus on the generosity of the master to those who came late in the day and only worked a few hours. We are encouraged to be happy for those who come late to Faith, instead of feeling bitter that we have followed the Faith for a longer time. As I prayed and listened to the Lord, I became aware of a new possibility. 


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What if the things we perceive as unfair are actually God, in His mercy, fulfilling the true needs we have? #CatholicMom


I live on a 12-acre property and the work is endless (although wonderful and joyful). We are surrounded by farms, and we often watch the laborers in the fields working in the hot sun. It is exhausting work, hauling produce into bins and then loading it onto trucks. I can’t imagine how hard it becomes as the noon sun gets bright in the midday sky, or how tired the workers are by the end of the day. I considered how much easier the work would be if other workers, fresh for the day, joined those already in the fields.

Instead of begrudging the extra help (or the pay), I imagine I would be grateful if the master sent in additional help. Perhaps I would even offer up part of my own pay for a little help. What if the things we perceive as unfair are actually God, in His mercy, fulfilling the true needs we have? This opens my eyes and heart to the possibility that God is giving me exactly what I need, exactly at the moment I need it most. 

Reframing our thinking about God’s intentions and plans for us may lead to a deeper understanding of His love. Paraphrasing Isaiah 55, God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are higher than ours. Jesus, I trust in you.  



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