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Rose Folsom pairs Pope Benedict’s hopeful words with some eye-popping flower video from her local park.

I’m writing this on a sunny late-summer day, but whatever the weather, life can seem gloomy sometimes. The hope we had yesterday dims and seems to fade farther and farther away. And the void is filled with dread, or resentment, or just … nothing.

Where’s my road map back to a future with hope? How can I believe once again that God has plans to take me to himself in glory forever? Pope Benedict’s encyclical, Spe Salvi (Saved in Hope) gives us a roadmap back to security and sanity. It reminds us that hopelessness is based on a lie that our destiny is confusion instead of freedom and joy. It’s based on a lie that this rough patch will never end and the sun will never break through again — but it will, always.

Join me in my local park for a 3-minute video of some eye-popping flowers (and a butterfly or two) and hopeful words of Pope Benedict that will help make your day sunny, no matter the weather!

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