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Elaine Sinnott discusses the need of walking with the Heavenly Father each day.

Aunts and Uncles

I am blessed with an incredible family. I thank God for them and their examples they set for me every single day because I have witnessed beautiful marriages over the years through them. Marriages that rely on God even when things are really tough.

One thing that I have loved watching over the years is when a couple of my aunts and uncles walk with their spouses (weather-permitting) almost every single evening. Even as a teenager this stuck out to me. And I long for this sacred time with my husband when our children are older. The quiet, intimate time shared between the two during those walks is a simple yet beautiful way to show their love to each other, filled with talks, laughs, and, no doubt, fears and sorrows as well.

Those walks contributed to knowing each other on a deeper level.


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Daily Walks with the Father

I started listening to the Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz again for 2022 because I only lasted a month last year. It’s going SO much better, thankfully, and I hope to stick to it. I’ve cut out time to make it actually work even with homeschooling four out of six kiddos and (barely) maintaining a home.

The thing that stuck out to me early on in the podcast was in the book of Genesis. Before the Fall, God would meet with Adam and Eve every night and walk with them “in the cool of the night.” When I heard that, I instantly thought of my aunts and uncles who walk with each other each night. I knew this sacred walk with Adam and Eve was way more than just a walk, it was spending time with our Lord getting to know Him, and He getting to know them. 

This struck me so much! That’s what God originally intended life to be like! He had planned on this incredible intimacy and union with Him. 

After listening to that podcast, I told our Father that I wanted to have my walk in the cool of the night with Him as well. I wanted to listen to His word in the Bible every single day through this podcast, even if it is in the morning, and call that my walk in the cool of the night with my Creator. I wanted to learn everything He wants to tell me! And grow closer to Him in the process. I also wanted Him to get to know me. 


The Laundry Walk 

Most mornings, I wake up around 5:30 AM, grab the load of laundry in the dryer from the night before, and begin folding it in the living room while I listen to my podcast. That quiet time before the house wakes up is essential to my sanity. It’s kind of like my pep talk with God for the day. “You can do it!” 

It’s also my refueling time to gather up the graces God offers for the day. These graces are massive blessings filled with patience and love for my kids before we begin our school day. Do I always have love and patience? (Can you hear me laughing?) No, I do feel like it runs out quickly, but I do know I would be in trouble without asking God for help each morning.


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Do I wake up early every morning? No. I quickly learned on those sleepless nights with a fussy baby that it was okay to sleep in and walk with God at another time of the day or even the next day. Those sleepless nights are still serving him and learning from him in the stillness.

I also realize I am walking with my Heavenly Father when I am rocking my nursing baby to sleep in the middle of the night. Or calming one of my child’s fears from a bad dream. Or even breaking up a fight between some of my children. Even the messy stuff counts! Every single step of motherhood is a sacrifice and can be offered to God as a gift, and can be part of your walk each day with Him.


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When Can You Walk with the Father? 

Maybe you can consider picking out a time to grow closer to our Father and call that your walk in the cool of the night with Him as well! When would be a good time for you? Before the house wakes up? Or when the house is asleep at night? Or your lunch break during work? Remember, our Father is not only available to walk with you to talk and listen, He is EAGER for that time shared with you! Like you were the only one in the world. 

Remember, God cannot be outdone in generosity. If you are thinking “I don’t have the time,” I completely hear you. But I’ve learned over the years if you give God your precious time, everything else will get done, too. And most times those things you need to do will be completed more easily than without spending time with Him. 

He’s waiting!

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