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Anne DeSantis offers prayer and understanding for those experiencing difficult family situations.

Sometimes in American culture we tend to keep distant from extended family, especially into middle and older age. Life happens. Family happens. Disease happens. In addition, sadly there are also unforgiveness, misunderstanding, distance and other “sins” which creep in and separate people. Politics plays a part, too, in our current culture. We tend to get into pointing fingers and gossip instead of outreach and dialogue. I find that incredibly sad. Life is short, and we may not have a second chance to make things right with those family members. Sometimes it’s best to let it go. God will work out all the details of life. And it is better to pray than obsess about why “so-and-so never calls.”

My advice to anyone going through these situations is to be a person of peace. Be a person of dialogue, but only if the other party is open. If they are not open, it cannot be forced. Either way, our good Lord is in charge. We can only do our best to be loving individuals ready to talk and ready to love again. Just as the Lord Himself had to walk away from those who refused to believe, sometimes we must walk away after we have tried so hard to love but we are still not accepted. God will encourage you to go on.


Heavenly Father, sometimes it is hard in life when our own families become our enemies. In our current culture, sadly these kinds of things can happen. Help us to be peacemakers for your sake. Help us to smile even when it is so hard. Help us to know that even if at the end of our lives those relationships remain unhealed, You will still take us with You to Your home in Heaven where we will find true peace. Help us to know that our true family is inside Your love. Amen.

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Image: Pixabay (2019)