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Jena Muhr shares seven tips to help moms get through the stresses of the busy autumn season.

As it seems to go, the start of the new school year, soccer season, the excitement of the holidays to come (for the kids), and the first round of school colds brings me stress and anxiety. From planning everything out, to being prepared for all the curveballs to come, it is hard to feel that I have a handle on everything.   

I’m not sure if you’re the same way. But here are some tricks and tips that I have learned that help me keep track of things and (try to) stay on top of things.  





Just a short, quick prayer for strength or the sign of a cross before diving in to all the things is my biggest help. I can tell the difference when I pause and ask God for help and when I neglect to.


Make a list

Write it down. Write all the things that are circling in your head down that you don’t want to forget. (Doing this before bed can be a great way to save thoughts and not worry about forgetting them while you rest.) You can organize them or categorize them, cross them off once they’re done; whatever you want. But you won’t forget them because they’re on a piece of paper and not floating in your head. If you’re worried about losing the page you can take a picture of it or use a notes application on your phone. I like the physical act of writing things out it seems to help me more than typing. 


Write out the schedule

Keeping the whole family's calendar can be a lot for anyone. This season I have been writing events and reminders in my planner as they come up and then each week I will write them on an acrylic board that goes on the fridge. Even if no one else reads it I know that it is there for easy reference. 


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Plan out what is for dinner

This is my saving grace. I am not usually a huge fan of meal planning but since I started over the summer it saves the dreaded 3:30 PM thought of what’s for dinner. I can always change it, and sometimes do—but it is there and it means that I have those ingredients in the house. This also goes on the acrylic board.


Task bags

Three young kids in soccer means lots of pieces that need to come to and from each practice. This year I assigned a bag to each kid that is big enough to hold cleats, shin guards and a ball with their name on it. The bags stay in the hall closet and simply need to be grabbed before heading out the door for practice. Knowing where everything is and where it goes after is often half the battle. This can be done with all sports or activities. 


Prepping the car

We spend a lot of time in the car lately and some things that I like to keep handy are baby wipes for all the mess and stick that comes with life. Tissues because they can be used for noses and napkins in a pinch. Emergency medicine (if a family member needs it, it is there) and band-aids. Also, snacks that won’t melt and are good cold, because they come in so handy.




Give yourself grace

I struggle with this the most. Grace is a gift, and one that we can give ourselves. It is hard at times, but no one is perfect, including you, and that’s OK.  


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I wouldn’t have it any other way—I just feel better when I’m prepared for it.  #CatholicMom


There’s a lot to do, but there is so much joy in those things. We don’t have to do it all, but as the mom a lot of it filters through you. I wouldn’t have it any other way—I just feel better when I’m prepared for it.  



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